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  • What officiant services do you provide?
    Interfaith ceremony, non-religious ceremony, single religion ceremony, same sex unions, other life milestone ceremonies (other than marriages).  If you are not sure, please ask.
  • Are you willing to perform a ceremony at a non-religious site?
    Yes, most of my ceremonies are performed at the wedding venue, some at home, in a hall, at a park, etc.
  • Are you flexible in the wording used throughout the ceremony, including the vows?
    Yes. I custom design the ceremony with the couple.
  • Do you allow the couple to write their own vows, if desired?
    Yes, I can assist in this endeavor if needed.
  • Do you have a list of readings pre-selected, from which the couple must choose?
    No, but I can give them samples if they need some.
  • Do you require that premarital counseling be done?
    No, that is up to the couple, but I do offer three informative and interesting sessions to couples for a reasonable fee.
  • Are you willing to perform pre-ceremony rehearsals?
    Yes (if necessary). I guide the couple and bridal party every step of the way during the rehearsal.
  • Can you prepare ceremonies is Spanish?
    Yes, I speak, read and write Spanish fluently.
  • Do you assist the couple with other details as needed in reference to the ceremony?
    Yes, I interview the couple and give them information, sample readings, poetry, vows, etc.  I lead them through the ceremony preparation process until they feel comfortable and satisfied with the end result.

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