Life Coaching

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Life Coaching Services

A seven session program, 90-minute sessions, very reasonable rates.

I can assist you in getting unstuck, knowing yourself better and working on life’s goals; long & short term.

I strive to help others in the areas that are important and essential to living a good, productive life, in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms.  Having an empathic, caring ear, pairing that with productive, meaningful, interesting information will bring about changes, new insight and a new level of success in life.

In my counseling programs I use visuals, mental exercises, deep breathing, props, writing assignments and other interesting tasks to assist you in relaxing and opening up, giving you an all-encompassing experience.

We all need occasional help in boosting our confidence, raising our energy levels and gaining focus.  Sometimes a little push in the right direction is all we need.  Call me, or…

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